The Whole Brain Approach to Strategy


Chairman and CEO of Smith Global Services, Bo Smith, and CEO of NCI Building Systems, Norm Chambers, discuss the value of scenarios, reflecting on how SDG’s team urged them to create business plans that detailed what they would do if the economy was to enter a recession. This was back in 2006, and once the recession did hit 2 years later, they were prepared to deal with the situation. It was the difference between surviving and perishing as a company.

Smith Global Services的主席兼行政总裁Bo Smith先生和NCI Building Systems的行政总裁Norm Chamber先生正在一同探讨虚拟场景的价值,而这恰巧反映出SDG的团队如何鞭策他们创造出更为细化的商业计划以应对可能到来的经济衰退。这是在2006年所做的工作,而经济衰退真的在两年后发生,所以这两家公司那时已充分准备好了应对措施。而这正决定了一家公司的生死存亡。 [embed][/embed]