The future of Hong Kong’s electricity – Asian Power

香港电力的未来 - Asian Power

Hong Kong depends on affordable and reliable electricity prices and supply. But with mandated emission targets and the inevitable transition to cleaner fuels, what price will consumers and business be willing to pay for needed investment?

In this article in Asian Power, SDG’s Peter Hopper looks at the future of Hong Kong’s market for electricity and how policy decisions have far-reaching implications for investment and competition. In this first of four articles on electricity in Hong Kong, the author highlights the competing objectives of the many stakeholders and makes the case for an open and transparent decision process, one that can clarify and quantify the values of disparate stakeholders and incorporate the complex risk and reward dimensions. Click here to read the complete article.

The future of Hong Kong's electricity - Asian Power

香港长期依赖于廉价可靠的电力供应。但现在为了实现政府规定的减排目标和向清洁能源过渡的需求,消费者和企业无疑将为电力系统升级所需的投资买单。那么他们究竟会愿意为此承担多高的电力价格呢? 在Asian Power这期文章中,来自SDG的Peter Hopper 将着力探讨香港未来电力市场的走向以及相关政策对投资和竞争所可能带来的深远影响。作为这四篇关于电力的文章的开篇,作者在其中突出强调了利益相关者相互竞争的目标,并基于此提出建立一个公开透明的决策过程——一个可以澄清并量化相关利益者不同的风险和收益偏好的决策过程。点击这里阅读完整文章。 香港电力的未来 - Asian Power