SDG to Acquire Global Health Consulting Firm


Management consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group of Palo Alto, Calif. today announced that it is acquiring Applied Strategies, a firm that helps many of the world’s leading global health organizations to assess the impact of their investments and interventions.

SDG to Acquire Global Health Consulting Firm

The purchase of Applied Strategies, of San Mateo, Calif., expands SDG’s management consulting services into global health and accelerates the firm’s growth in the life sciences sector, particularly in North America.

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全球管理咨询公司Strategic Decisions Group于加州帕罗奥图的总部今天宣布,该公司将对Applied Strategies进行收购。 Applied Strategies是一间曾为许多世界领先的卫生组织提供咨询服务的咨询公司,并成功帮助它们对其投资和干预措施所可能造成的影响进行评估。 SDG将收购全球健康医疗咨询公司 购买位于加利福尼亚州圣马特奥的Applied Strategies公司使得SDG的业务范围扩张至全球健康医疗行业,加速了其在生命科学领域的增长 —— 特别是在北美市场。 如欲阅读完整新闻稿〈只提供英文〉,请浏览我们公司的网站。