Manufacturers Step up Search for Low Cost Alternative to China – South China Morning Post

中国制造商加紧寻找低成本的备择方案 - 南华早报

In this article in the South China Morning Post, two of SDG’s global sourcing strategy experts comment on the movement of manufacturers out of China in search of lower-cost options in southeast and central Asia.

“The change is significant in the past two years,” said Peter Hopper, an SDG partner and advisor in manufacturing and sourcing strategy. “The cost of labor in China has become very high, growing at least 10 per cent every year.” Because global consumer demand is weak, brands are finding that they cannot pass along higher prices, and instead must focus on production costs. “As the global economy slows, brands are less confident to push up finished goods prices,” Hopper said.

Vietnam, by contrast, is rapidly increasing its market share in manufacturing categories such as footwear, garments and electronic products. “Considering both wages and productivity, the low-end production cost in Vietnam on average is about 30 per cent lower than in China,” said Jugnu Sakuja, a senior engagement manager at SDG.

Read the full context of their remarks in the complete article by Summer Zhen, which appeared in the print and online version of the South China Morning Post.

Manufacturers Step up Search for Low Cost Alternative to China – South China Morning Post

在南华早报这篇文章中,两位SDG的全球采购战略专家点评中国厂家正于东南亚和中亚地区加紧寻找成本较低的备择方案。 SDG制造和采购战略合作伙伴和顾问 Peter Hopper 说:“在过去两年中国的制造业有着显着的变化,其劳动成本已经变得非常高,每年至少增长10%。” 由于全球消费需求疲软,品牌发现他们不能随价格上涨传递,而是要着眼于生产成本。 Hopper 续称:“随着全球经济放缓,品牌没有足够的信心推高成品价格。” 相比之下,越南正在迅速增加其制造业市场的占有率,如鞋类,服装和电子产品等。 SDG高级业务经理Jugnu Sakuja解释说:“考虑到工资和生产率,越南的低端生产成本比中国低约30%。” 点击这里阅读南华早报贸易及物流记者甄佳佳的完整文章。(注:此文章在南华早报的印刷版和在线版均有刊登) 中国制造商加紧寻找低成本的备择方案 - 南华早报