Decision Analysis Helps Chevron Outperform the Competition


The oil & gas industry is one of the most decision-intensive businesses around. Oil & gas companies operate in an environment of constant uncertainty and executives are required to make billion-dollar bets. Strategic Decisions Group started working with Chevron in 1989 on adopting Decision Quality (DQ) processes. In 2000, David O’Reilly became Chairman and CEO of Chevron and made DQ mandatory on all capital expenditures over $50 million in order to improve the potential value of major decisions.

Chevron’s performance advantage continues, and has been a powerful demonstration of the value creation that comes from deep adoption of DQ throughout an organization. The whole organization is on a collaborative drive to create value.

Watch Goerge Kirkland, Vice Chairman of Chevron, discuss how decision analysis, the cornerstone science behind SDG’s Decision Quality approach, has played a critical role in the company’s ongoing success.


油气产业是最为“决策密集型”的行业之一。油气公司一直在包含诸多不确定因素的环境下运营,因此行政领导们经常需要投入数十亿美元的赌注。Strategic Decisions Group自1989年起便通过“决策质量”(DQ)程序与雪弗龙共同合作。2000年,David O’Reilly成为雪弗龙主席兼行政总裁,他规定所有总支出大于5千万美元的决策必须通过DQ程序,以求最大化所有重大决策的潜在价值。 雪弗龙的市场表现一直优势明显,而这也很好地反映出企业机构深入落实DQ所创造出的价值。整个企业机构上下通力合作、共同创造价值。 请看雪弗龙副主席Goerge Kirkland探讨决策分析如何在其企业获得持续性成功中扮演重要角色,而这分析方法也正是SDG的“决策质量”方法背后的基石所在。 [embed][/embed]