Insight, not intuition. Analytical rigor, not conjecture.


Businesses thrive or fail on the strength of the decisions they make.

But more often than not, key decisions are clouded by changing assumptions, endless debate, or ill-defined goals. Believing faulty decisions to be sound, management may leave enormous value on the table and miss significant growth opportunities.

At the heart of SDG’s service offering is Decision Quality (DQ), a practical methodology that improves strategic decisions and helps you be sure that you are making the best decision at the point you make it, not just at some future point with the benefit of hindsight. Equal parts art and science, DQ drives superior performance in such critical areas as resource allocation, organizational development, risk management, corporate strategy, and business growth.

Along with delivering impactful results for companies through our methodologies and industry expertise, we are committed to staying at the forefront of strategic decision-making. We invite you to explore the leading insights of our experienced team, as they discuss the trends that are shaping both the global business environment and the ways in which today’s business leaders are making their most crucial decisions.


企业的兴衰取决于领导者所作的决策。 然而更常见的是,关键性的决策常被多变的假设、无尽的辩论或是不甚明确的目标所蒙蔽。一旦将错误的决策误信为正确的,管理者即有可能在办工桌前遗失巨大价值并错失重要的增长时机。 SDG提供的服务核心在于“决策质量”(Decision Quality)——这是一种实用的方法学,既可提高战略性决策的质量,还可帮助您在作决策的同时确保您作出最佳的抉择,而不仅是在未来的某个时刻才事后孔明地知晓当时所做的决策是否正确。“决策质量”(DQ)既是一门艺术,也是一门科学,推动着企业在以下各个重要领域中取得优异表现,包括:资源分配、组织发展、风险管理、合作战略以及企业成长等。 我们不仅凭借自己的方法学以及行业专长为许多公司实现影响深远的目标,而且还致力于时刻保持处于战略决策制定的最前沿。我们在此邀请您分享我们经验丰富的团队所提出的领先性真知灼见,在这里,您可以分享我们团队的重要经验,这些内容包括影响目前全球商业的大环境,以及当今企业领导者们是如何制定重要决策的。

Bringing Quality To Board Decisions – Capital Magazine

如何提升企业董事局决策质素? ─ 《资本杂志》

Capital Magazine, a monthly business magazine in Hong Kong, recently published an article contributed by SDG’s Peter Hopper on quality decision-making at Board level in its February issue. Board member accountability has intensified in recent years. Yet, too often board members are not effectively engaged in key decisions affecting corporate… Read more…

香港财经月刊《资本杂志》于二月刊登了一篇由SDG Peter Hopper所撰写的文章,探讨董事局决策质素的重要性。在现今的企业中,董事局成员很多时都未能有效地参与对企业价值 继续阅读

Six steps for senior management to focus on the most important decisions

Decisions are often seen as isolated, at times reactive actions prompted by a set of circumstances. Decision makers almost feel it is a part of their skill set to cope with an onslaught of decisions, rapidly taken to deal with situations. This can develop into a culture of “fire-fighting”, where… Read more…

A Holistic Manufacturing Sourcing Location Strategy Beyond Labor Cost – Supply Chain Asia Magazine

工资成本以外的全面性生产及采购地点战略 – Supply Chain Asia

Industry publication Supply Chain Asia Magazine has recently published an article contributed by SDG’s Peter Hopper in its January/February 2017 issue. For years, consumer brands have moved their production location from country to country to chase cheap labor. But as the business environment changes and companies reap the benefits of… Read more…

亚洲物流业行业杂志Supply Chain Asia于一月及二月刊登了一篇由SDG Peter Hopper所撰写的文章。多年来,各大品牌为了减低成本,把生产线搬到能夠提供廉 继续阅读

You Can’t Make Good Predictions Without Embracing Uncertainty — Harvard Business Review

拥抱不确定性,做出更好的决策预测 - 哈佛商业评论

Harvard Business Review has featured an article from Strategic Decisions Group CEO Carl Spetzler and Peter Hopper, who leads the firm’s Hong Kong office. Their article, “You Can’t Make Good Predictions Without Embracing Uncertainty,” discusses how too often experts labor to produce exquisitely precise and specific scenarios of how the future will… Read more…

哈佛商业评论刊登了一篇由Strategic Decisions Group CEO Carl Spetzler 以及香港办 继续阅读

The Master of Decision Science – CAPITAL

决策科学大师 - 资本杂志

Carl Spetzler, Chairman, CEO of Strategic Decisions Group, has been interviewed by Capital Magazine in April 2016. The interview was about the introduction of Decision Quality (DQ), six elements of Decision Quality, as well as how SDG applies such concept in a commercial perspective. Carl said the implementation of DQ would help… Read more…

人生每天都要面对选择,小至晚饭,大至公司并购,决定或决策都是一个不可或缺的过程。获公认为策略及创意培训专家的Carl Spetzler博士, 继续阅读

Local enterprises strive for change and survival; Consulting firms have the edge – Hong Kong Economic Times

港企求变求存 顾问公司吃香 - 经济日报

Carl Spetzler, Chairman, CEO of Strategic Decisions Group, has been interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times in April 2016. The interview was about the importance of quality decision at all times and some creative alternatives for local retailers in face of a poor economy in Hong Kong. Carl mentioned that it is… Read more…

在经济下滑时,营商前景增添未知数,企业须作出更多抉择以适应改变,以至求存。 策略管理顾问Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) 行政总裁及主席Carl Spetzler日前接受香港经济日报采访,对于现时经济滞缓,Carl表示无论经济好坏,决策对公司经营都很重要,惟好景时 继续阅读

Going beyond the meter means going beyond consumer expectations – Asian Power

超越智能电表 超越顾客期望 - Asian Power

So often when markets are confronted with the potential of disruptive technology it takes more than a conversation with customers to determine the priorities. It requires looking into the latent needs, the actions and choices people would love to make but don’t have the opportunity to do so. For power… Read more…

当市场面临着颠覆性技术的时候,人们不能仅仅靠和客户沟通,便能摸索到潜在的市场需求。电力公司在世界各地有不同的模式,但是对于未来的电力供应,一切显得从未如此具有挑战性。传统模式下的集中合并发电,控制和有限制得输电和配电,在不断增长的电力需求大环境下受到严重的威胁。 在Asian Power这篇文 继续阅读

In Search of Better Power Regulation for Hong Kong – Asian Power

为香港搜索更好的电力法规 - Asian Power

Now that Hong Kong’s agreements regulating electricity suppliers are expiring, opportunities exist to introduce more competition. How current and new electricity programs could improve or hinder power production will play a crucial role in the city’s economic stability and development. In this article in Asian Power, SDG’s Peter Hopper and Alice Yung explore… Read more…

香港协议的电力供应商合约即将到期,使得现在正是为行业引入更多竞争的良机。然而现存以及未来的电力项目将如何影响电力生产力,提高还是阻碍,将对城市的经济稳定和发展起到至关重要的作用。 在Asian Power 继续阅读

Here’s Why Reliable Electricity Should Not be Taken for Granted — Asian Power

这解释了为什么不该以为可靠的电力供应是理所当然的 - Asian Power

For decades, Hong Kong businesses and its population have benefited from world-class levels of dependable electricity supply — at over 99.999 percent, one of the highest in the world. But decades of stable service have created high expectations, and the public often forgets what constitutes the value and importance of an uninterrupted electricity supply. In this article in Asian… Read more…

数十年来,香港的企业和人口均受益于世界一流的可靠电力供应,其可靠性水平超过99.999%, 并成为全球最高国家之一。但数十年的稳定供电服务却同时令人们产生了很高的期望,公众往往忘记了什么是构成不间断供电的价值和重要性的元素。 在Asian Power 继续阅读

Manufacturers Step up Search for Low Cost Alternative to China – South China Morning Post

中国制造商加紧寻找低成本的备择方案 - 南华早报

In this article in the South China Morning Post, two of SDG’s global sourcing strategy experts comment on the movement of manufacturers out of China in search of lower-cost options in southeast and central Asia. “The change is significant in the past two years,” said Peter Hopper, an SDG partner and advisor in manufacturing and sourcing strategy.… Read more…

在南华早报这篇文章中,两 继续阅读

Understanding a Renewable Energy Future for Hong Kong – Asian Power

了解本港可再生能源的未来 ── Asian Power

How achievable is Hong Kong’s move to renewable energy sources? A commitment to environmental protection and air pollution reduction is one of the main objectives of the city’s energy policies, which cover safety, reliability, affordability, and environmental performance. In this article in Asian Power, SDG’s Peter Hopper and Alice Yung explore how to… Read more…

香港能否实现向可再生能源的过渡?环境保护和改善空气质量是制定香港能源政策的核心目标之一。该目标总共涵盖了安全性,可靠性,价格合理性及环保四个方面。 在Asian Power 继续阅读

The future of Hong Kong’s electricity – Asian Power

香港电力的未来 - Asian Power

Hong Kong depends on affordable and reliable electricity prices and supply. But with mandated emission targets and the inevitable transition to cleaner fuels, what price will consumers and business be willing to pay for needed investment? In this article in Asian Power, SDG’s Peter Hopper looks at the future of Hong Kong’s market for electricity… Read more…

香港长期依赖于廉价可靠的电力供应。但现在为了实现政府规定的减排目标和向清洁能源过渡的需求,消费者和企业无疑将为电力系统升级所需的投资买单。那么他们究竟会愿意为此承担多高的电力价格呢? 在Asian Power 继续阅读

Hong Kong is Losing the Tech Development Race to Shenzhen — South China Morning Post

香港科技发展跑输深圳 - 南华早报

In this article in the South China Morning Post, SDG’s Peter Hopper comments on the emergence of a white-collar labor force in Shenzhen as an important driver in the competition between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland to develop a technology industry. “Historically,” Hopper says in this article, “labor-intensive industries in China such as… Read more…

在南华早报这篇文章中SD 继续阅读

SDG to Acquire Global Health Consulting Firm


Management consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group of Palo Alto, Calif. today announced that it is acquiring Applied Strategies, a firm that helps many of the world’s leading global health organizations to assess the impact of their investments and interventions. The purchase of Applied Strategies, of San Mateo, Calif., expands SDG’s management consulting… Read more…

全球管理咨询公司Strategic Decisions Group于加州帕罗奥图的总部今天宣布,该公司将对 继续阅读

The Whole Brain Approach to Strategy


Chairman and CEO of Smith Global Services, Bo Smith, and CEO of NCI Building Systems, Norm Chambers, discuss the value of scenarios, reflecting on how SDG’s team urged them to create business plans that detailed what they would do if the economy was to enter a recession. This was back in 2006,… Read more…

Smith Global Services的主席兼行政总裁Bo Smith先生和NCI Building Systems的行政总裁Norm Chamber先生正在一同探讨虚拟场景的价值,而这恰巧反映出SDG的团队如何鞭策他们创造出更为细化的商业计划以应对可能到来的经济衰退。这是在2006年所做的工作 继续阅读

How Decision Quality Improves Leadership


SDG’s Peter Hopper explains how the firm’s Decision Quality approach helps leaders and teams reassess and reframe their most critical decisions to enhance clarity, achieve alignment, and ultimately identify the best alternative to execute. Read more…

  SDG的Peter Hopper先生解释了公司的“决策质量”(Decision Quality)方法是如何帮助领导与团队重新评估并重新构建他们最重要的决策,以厘清现况,达成共识并最终找到最佳的实施方案。 继续阅读

Would Your Sourcing Organization Know a Carrot or a Stick?


Much of the world’s footwear, apparel and fashion accessories are sourced from Asia with production hugely dependent on relatively low cost labour. Few industries have remained so untouched by advances in process technology, consequently much of what we wear or carry remains effectively hand made. With production costs rising, companies… Read more…

全球许多鞋子、服装及时尚配饰都依赖于劳动力成本相对低廉的亚洲。很少有产业像上述提到的那样尚未被生产技术的进步所影响,因此许多我们身上所穿戴的仍来自于高效的手工制造。 随着生产成本的上涨,许多公司不断转移到下一个成本更低廉的生产地,然而,可供选择的地方已经所剩无几了。几乎很难找到可以真正容纳从中 继续阅读

Infographic: ERM – Evolving Risk Management

信息图:ERM - 开展风险管理

Faced with growing concerns over accountability, compliance, and liability, organizations have largely realized the need for true Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).  This infographic shows the hurdles that still exist in varying degrees. Download a copy here. Read more…

面对着人们对责任性、合规性以及可靠性的日益关注,许多商业组织深刻地认识到切实的企业风险管理(ERM)的重要性。以下这张信息图显示了现今依然存在的不同程度的障碍。 继续阅读

Infographic: Five Habits of Highly Strategic Thinkers


Strategic perspective—the ability to step back and see the big picture—is an indispensable talent for powerful leaders. You can extend and develop your capacity for strategic perspective by practicing these five habits: Download a copy here. Read more…

战略性思维——即指后退一步以观全局的能力——是强大的领导者们不可或缺的。您可以通过实践以下这五个习惯以扩展及发展您的战略性思维能力: 继续阅读

Decision Analysis Helps Chevron Outperform the Competition


The oil & gas industry is one of the most decision-intensive businesses around. Oil & gas companies operate in an environment of constant uncertainty and executives are required to make billion-dollar bets. Strategic Decisions Group started working with Chevron in 1989 on adopting Decision Quality (DQ) processes. In 2000, David… Read more…

油气产业是最为“决策密集型”的行业之一。油气公司一直在包含诸多不确定因素的环境下运营,因此行政领导们经常需要投入数十亿美元的赌注。Strategic Decisions Group自1989年起便通过“决策质量”(DQ)程序与雪弗龙共同合作。2000年,David O’Reilly成为雪弗龙主席兼行 继续阅读