SDG Hong Kong In Action

SDG 在行动

Our work in SDG’s Hong Kong office supports the firm’s global operations, but is uniquely adapted to support companies in the Asia-Pacific market. Since opening our doors, we have built a reputation in the region for helping Asia-based companies and business units deliver on their regional and global responsibilities.

We invite you to explore examples of our impactful work in the region:

我们在SDG香港分公司的工作虽是本公司全球业务的一部分,但其是为更好地服务于亚太市场的公司而作出了独特的适应性调整。自运营第一天起,我们便逐步在帮助主打亚洲市场的公司及事业部门履行他们的区域及全球职责方面树立起了一定声望。 我们在此邀请您观看我们在本地区完成的经典工作案例:

Generating Growth Requires Reassessment of Global Chemical Company’s Leadership Structure


A global chemical supplier had a range of business units at different stages of maturity. The most established and profitable line of business was a specialized additive, for which the company controlled roughly 75 percent of the global market share. Still, demand for this specific product was limited, so the company developed a... Read more...



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Decision Support: Costing Contributes to Competitive Edge of a Luxury Handbag Company


In the fashion business, time to market is critical, and rapid, efficient decision-making is essential to remain in step with the most current product trends. As such, moving a design through development, manufacturing, and into stores must be accomplished both quickly and at the right cost point. However, costing new designs is a... Read more...



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Major Oil & Gas Company Seeks Integrated Development Decision for Portfolio of Offshore Gas Fields


An oil & gas company had effectively explored and developed a gas-rich offshore basin to supply large quantities of natural gas within the country where it operated. However, most of its large-scale resources were already under production, and demand was growing quickly. In the face of this increased demand and potential supply shortages,... Read more...


一家油气公司高效地开发并发展了一个海上富含天然气的盆地,并为其运营地所在的国家供应了大量的天然气。然而,该公司绝大部分大型资源都已被投产,而且市场需求仍在快速增长。面对增长的需求与潜在的供应短缺,该公司勘探大型潜在资源并将其转化为高产油气田的传统做法已变得不再可靠。 继续阅读