Welcome To SDG Hong Kong

We make sure your most important decisions are also your best.

Founded in 1981, Strategic Decisions Group is a specialized strategic management consulting firm which helps complex global businesses improve their critical decisions and decision-making processes.

When senior teams are faced with an irrevocable commitment of resources, we help them understand the true value and risk in their decisions. We don’t make your decisions for you. Rather, it is our job to make sure you are in a position to creatively evaluate and understand all the options available, and then make the best decision possible. Whether you must commit to a single, critical decision or to improving the performance of a strategically important function, we have the skills and capabilities to help your senior team achieve superior results.


Finding opportunity in uncertainty

Asia is the growth engine of the world’s economy. But the opportunity for big gains comes with considerable uncertainty, and senior teams routinely make big bets ahead of the curve.

In asset and investment-intensive industries such as energy and utilities, life sciences, mining, and oil & gas, there are many large-scale, critical decisions to be made: how to optimize power asset portfolios to serve rapid industrialization, how to penetrate new markets for promising drug therapies, and how to manage high-risk technology bets in high-tech companies.

In high-volume retail environments, optimizing supply networks and tackling complex sourcing decisions are essential to provide strategic advantage to the global firm.

Our expertise in corporate and strategic planning within complex organizations is one reason our firm is a preferred strategic partner to many companies in the Fortune Global 500.

SDG’s Hong Kong office is led by Peter Hopper and counts a number of esteemed professionals as members of its Advisory Board, including William Clement Henderson, former senior partner at Egon Zehnder, and Caroline Wang, professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School.


成立于1981年的Strategic Decisions Group是一家专业的战略管理咨询公司,帮助企业在复杂的全球商业环境中优化他们的重要决定以及决策过程。 当资深企业团队面对不可撤销的资源投入时,我们帮助他们深入了解每一个抉择所包含的真实价值与风险。我们并不为您作决定。相反,我们的工作是确保您能够创造性地衡量及认识所有可行的选择,并作出最佳的抉择。无论您正为单个重要的抉择而踌躇,或是正致力于优化一个具有战略意义的团队功能,我们都有足够的技术和能力以协助您的资深团队取得优越的成绩。  


亚洲是世界经济的增长引擎。然而,赚取高额利润的机遇总伴随着不可忽视的不确定性,因而各个企业资深团队通常要在经济曲线走势明朗化之前投下巨额赌注。 在资产与投资密集型行业,例如能源及公用事业、生命科学、采矿以及油气产业,有许多大规模的重要决定需要斟酌——如何最优化电力资产组合以服务高速发展的工业化进程;如何将有前景的药物疗法渗透入新兴市场中;以及高科技公司如何管理高风险的技术等等。 在高容量的零售业环境中,优化供应链及解决复杂的资源分配问题,对跨国公司在竞争中获得战略性优势是至关重要的。 我们专长于为复杂机构提供企业策划与战略策划,而这也是其中一个使本公司成为许多全球五百强企业所青睐的战略伙伴的原因。SDG香港分公司由Peter Hopper先生领衔,其咨询团队囊括了许多受人尊敬的专家,包括前香港华人银行的首席执行官、纳闽国际商业及金融中心的前顾问Jim Mailer以及香港科技大学商学院教授Caroline Wang。